5 Best Types Of Working Dogs

When counting the 5 best types of working dogs, there are several factors to consider. These dogs were bred for specific reasons in olden times and their modern purposes often vary greatly from their beginnings. Before purchasing a working dog for a pet, be sure you are well informed on the original purpose for their breeding and the issues as a result when turning them into family pets.

  1. The Samoyed. This fuzzy white fur ball with the cute upward smile was originally bred in Siberia. It's original purpose was to herd reindeer. It's medium size gives it an advantage in the transition to family pet. This medium size dog's inclination to protect comes in handy for the owner. It's friendly disposition and size make the Samoyed one of the best types of working dogs.
  2. The Newfoundland. While extra large in size, these over-grown hair-balls work well for people who like the world calm and quiet. Bred for hunting and guarding in Canada, these qualities persist in the breed. The lumbering giant's difficulty with tasks including potty training are offset by his protective nature and relatively calm disposition. Be prepared to feed often and go for long, slow walks. The temperament and trainability of the Newfoundland makes them one of the best types of working dogs.
  3. The Portugese Waterdog. While not a common dog in the United States, this dog makes the best types of working dogs list for it's fishing abilities. The medium to large size dog may not be easy to housebreak, but to the avid fisherman, this dog is a dream come true. Originally bred to chase fish into nets, the dogs dense coat and swimming ability makes him a true sportsman's best friend.
  4. The Saint Bernard. Talk about a big dog. The Saint Bernard was originally bred for pulling carts but became known for their search and rescue abilities. These huge animals require firm training, but their loyalty and love put them on the list of the best types of working dogs.
  5. Boxers. These medium to large size dogs were originally bred in Germany for hunting. Today, the boxer's intelligence level and master loyalty place it on the list of best types of working dogs.



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