5 Best UFC Entrances

The 5 best UFC entrances are those memorable entrances from even more memorable fighters which you look forward to before every single UFC match. These are entrances that usually set apart the incoming fighters from the rest of the pack, giving audiences a slight and subtle view into their personalities and their psychologies.

  1. Chuck Liddell's Entrance. The best UFC entrance belongs to Chuck Liddell, but this probably has to do with the fact that he is one of the, if not the, most popular fighters in the whole UFC. Most of the time wearing his trademark Affliction shirt, Liddell comes racing out into the arena just as the band DMX's "It's Dark and Hell is Hot" starts playing. As the song's beat drops, Liddell starts bouncing around, to high crowd reaction.
  2. Wanderlei Silva's Entrance. The second-best UFC entrance has to go to Wanderlei Silva, a fighter who looks like a man possessed and on a mission every time he's ready to fight. Darude's "Sandstorm" is, sometimes, the theme music that he chooses before a fight, and it is the perfect embodiment of his furious style of fighting: fast-forward and hard-charging. When you see Wanderlei Silva enter a UFC match, it's a safe bet to say that you will know exactly that he means business.
  3. Quinton Jackson's Entance. Quinton Jackson's entrance is easily the third-best UFC entrance because he howls…at the moon! Yes, that's right. Before actually entering the UFC ring, Jackson will put on a decent show and howl at the moon several times over. In addition, he wears a huge chain around his neck, just to symbolize he's macho, or something like that. The entrance song that he uses is also significant, because it actually repeats his nickname over and over and over again!
  4. B. J. Penn's Entrance. B. J. Penn's UFC entrance deserves the number four spot just based on its unique contrast with the other fighters alone. While the other fighters come into the ring hard-charging and full of pumped-up energy, Penn is calm, slow and deliberate, wasting no energy before the match as great fighters are said to epitomize. His entrance music also reflects this philosophy of his, as it is merely a slow, native Hawaiian song.
  5. Georges St. Pierre's Entrance. Georges St. Pierre's entrance music may not feature one word of intelligible communication, but his entrances are fun to watch nonetheless, if for nothing else than the matter-of-fact and efficient way that he makes his way into the ring. One of this entrance's theme songs that he uses is called "Numero Uno."
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