5 Best UFC Training Routines

These 5 best UFC training routines can be brutal. Whether it's so monotonous it bores you to tears, or it's so labor intensive it drives you mad, ordinary UFC training can take a toll on your body. But with these best UFC training routines, you can add some variety to your workout, get faster results and even enjoy yourself without sacrificing muscle build and endurance.

  1. UFC training routines with weights: Weight training is by far one of the most effective UFC training routines. But with so many to choose from, how do you pick which one is best for you? The answer is to train on a circuit. No, not an electrical circuit – a gym circuit. Mix up a variety of free weights and bar bells and gym machine weights to work every muscle in your body. Work in some kettle bells once in a while, too. Find what you like and what works best for you and build a program around it.
  2. UFC training routines with cardio: It is recommended that you work intensive cardio into your UFC training routine. Do cardio almost on a binge for one to two months, running on a track or on a cardio machine for up to twenty minutes. Put the machine on "hill" or "mountain climb" or, for some extra variety, head outside and run on the real thing. 30-second sprinting is also one of the best UFC training routines.
  3. UFC training using your body as a weight: Sometimes it's the most simple exercises that train your body the most. Doing sets of push-ups, jumping squats, jumping tucks and jump lunges can increase your stability, strength and endurance. Mix this with some cardio and you have a killer UFC training routine.
  4. UFC weight training sets: As an MMA trainee, one of your number one goals is speed. Surprisingly, cardio won't necessarily build that speed as much as weight training will. Weight training gets you accustomed to lifting heavy objects, so when it comes time to lift less weight than your body can handle, you're up to the challenge. The best way to prepare for this is by doing the right amount of weight training sets interspersed with only 30 to 60 seconds of rest. Make sure you do twelve to fifteen repetitions of each exercises followed by no more than one minute of rest.
  5. UFC workouts in the right order: Work muscles in the same area at once. That means when you work your chest, work your back at the same time. Work three sections at a time for variety by doing leg and shoulder exercises followed by your arms. And above all, work your upper body for strength and your core and legs for balance and stability, as these are crucial on the fight mat.
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