5 Best UFC Training Videos

So you want to find the five best UFC training videos? There are several options for UFC training videos available on the market. These videos top the list of the best of the UFC due to ease of use and quality of the videos. The videos range from UFC training for beginners to training for experts. They also vary in subject matter.

  1. "Burn with Kearns: Partner Drills" The great thing about this video is that it can be adapted for those who endeavor to train for the UFC or for those who just wish to receive a great workout. Beginners will find the pace of this video to be exciting but not overwhelming. The video features famed trainer Kevin Kearns who is a famous trainer of many UFC athletes as well as Daniel Grace who is a master of Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. This video is well worth the time.
  2.  "The Pit Workout" When you have a UFC training video that features Chuck Liddell and Glover Teixteira, then generally it is going to be intense. The video also features John Hackleman who is a tenth degree blackbelt. The workouts are not for the weak of heart. For those who are looking for Denise Austin or Tae Bo they will be brutally disappointed This video is great preparation for fighting or a great workout.
  3. “The Day of the Zen No Holds Barred Mixed Martial Arts Training Documentary DVD” This video is one of the top five UFC training videos because it takes you on a backstage pass into an average training day of a UFC fighter. The viewer not only gets a backstage pass into the world of some of Brazil's top fighters but their entire workout is documented. The video also features the day to day and family issues. This is great for those who are interested in becoming a UFC fighter.
  4. The Kyokushin training videos. This form of fighting has become popular throughout the world. The Kyokushin method is excellent for relaxation and focus as well as battle. Those who wish to pursue UFC fighting will find that this video is an excellent stepping stone into the ring. Those wishing to gain a great workout will find the video serves the dual purpose of a great workout and a new learned fighting skill.
  5. “ Muay Thai Katas: A Modern Approach” This is great for combat and for those who wish to gain the mixed martial arts training to begin in the UFC. The Katas come from Tran's Black Belt Muay Thai which is legendary for it's techniques. This video is definitely for beginners but for those who wish to gain a killer workout this video is sure to please.

The list of the top five UFC training videos consists of varying levels and degrees of training. Some may be interested in a backstage pass into the training regimen of professionals, while others may simply want a heavy-hitting workout. These five videos cover all needs and will move the viewer towards reaching their UFC goals.

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