5 Best UK Prison Documentaries

Want to check out the five best UK prison documentaries? Prison documentaries carry a hefty message about society and the warfare of prison life. UK prison documentaries are particularly exceptional because of the historical aspects of the UK.

  1. "Behind Bars." This documentary explores the many aspects to prison life. From the responsibilities of the guards to the life story of an inmate. The director doesn't hold back any questions as to why there is unavoidable segregation amongst races or how gangs are continually compromising the safety of other inmates. Because of its general subject matter and wide scope, this educational documentary is one of the best.
  2. "Prisoner's Wives." No matter which country, there is a wife with a husband in prison. This documentary explores the psychological drama of being a prisoner's wife as well as the family dynamics of having a husband and father figure in prison. This documentary takes the viewer outside of the cells of the prisoners and into the homes of their family, creating a much more personal aspect to it.
  3. "Kids Behind Bars." Always as tough subject to tackle, "Kids Behind Bars" explores the cycle of children in detention facilities. This documentary raises the controversial question of whether children going through the judicial system is the best way to handle their circumstances.
  4. "This Prison Where I Live." Calling a prison a home is never a statement taking lightly. The director explores prison life on a micro-level. Typically seeing what each prisoner's day-to-day activities consist of.
  5. "Lifer." This series approaches this sensitive subject matter with poise and grace. Each inmate interviewed has a different approach to their life sentences. From denial to anger to re-awakenings, each inmate tasks themselves with a different approach.
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