5 Best Urethral Sex Toys

The 5 best urethral sex toys are those toys which you go to when you want to get off—and quickly! Reach for one of these urethral sex toys when you are feeling extra naughty, want to experiment and try something new or want to get a little bit kinky with your woman.

  1. Thru-Hole Stretcher Penis Plug The best urethral sex toy is this stretcher penis plug that works to, if you can believe it, actually stroke the inside of your penis until you ejaculate and get a thunderous orgasm. While it may not occur to most guys on the planet to actually shove this instrument into your penis, it apparently can lead to orgasmic pleasure if you practice enough. Its design features seven "lumps" that work to stimulate you all the more as you jerk it inside your penis.
  2. Ball Horn Spike Urethral Stretcher This is a different version of a urethral stretcher because it is five inches long and featuring a width of one-half an inch. This urethral sex toy is also complete with something called a free moving hoop, which is why it is the second-best urethral sex toy. This free-moving hoop is ultra-important if you should want to masochistically pleasure yourself by sticking this stretcher into your urethra since it protects against excessively deep insertion.
  3. Chastity Cage Have you ever in your wildest (or maybe most twisted) dreams fantasized about becoming aroused, yet not realizing a full erection?! Well, if that's just the sort of sadistic tease that turns you on, look into the chastity cage. It is a urethral sex toy that comes with a lock to lock your penis into place and ensure that it does not get any longer than the dimensions of the cage.
  4. Unicorn Horn The Unicorn Horn is just what you need if you have been salivating after making your own urethra bigger for the purpose of taking your bent, sexual pleasure even higher by another notch: through the application of plugs. But this Unicorn Horn also features a free-moving hoop that you can use for better control over your jerking actions if things get too slippery.
  5. Unicorn Horn Spike This urethra sex toy takes the last spot on this best urethral sex toy list because it is a slight variation of the Unicorn Horn: This variation comes with a longer spike. This half-inch spike means that it starts of thinner and then gets progressively wider as you shove it into your urethra. It comes with a trusty hoop to keep you from inserting it too deeply, bub.
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