5 Best USB Graphics Cards

Finding the 5 best USB graphics cards can be challenging, especially with so many varieties available on the market. Sorting through the USB video adapters and items which include a chip set video card with a USB interface to find actual USB Graphics Cards requires maneuvering through dozens of vendors and online retailers. Below are the five best USB graphics cards currently available, whether a second monitor is being added to your computer, or an external monitor for your laptop requires an USB graphics card.

  1. The IOGEAR External DVI Video Adapter USB 2.0 Interface. This video adapter functions as an USB graphics card and is powered through the USB port, so no additional power source is required. It attaches to a 2.0 USB port and a DVI monitor. Part #GUC2020DW6 from IOGEAR.
  2. The DVI USB 2.0 External Graphics Card for XP and Vista 1600×1200. With an on-board graphic clip and memory, this USB graphic card is faster than many alternatives. Software for Windows XP and Vista is included. Part #USBG-DVI2 from USBGEAR.
  3. The EVGA 100-U2-UV16-A1 UV Plus USB VGA Adapter for Multiple Displays Supporting Up to 1600×1200 Resolution.  This USB graphics card uses UV PLUS+ and Lossless Compression for optimal transferring video signal and crystal clear resolution.  It features silent operation, high speed DDR memory and DVI-I output. Part #100-U2-UV16-A1 from EVGA.
  4. The USB to DVI External Video Card, High Resolution, 1600 x 1200. This USB graphics card supports widescreen formats. It offers “Hot-Plug” adding and removal of a monitor without a reboot, and is Windows Vista compatible.  Part #SW-USBDVI-HR from GWC.
  5. The StarTech 16MB USB to VGA Multi Monitor External Video Adapter. This video adapter can be used as an external graphics card for desktop or laptop applications. It is compatible with Windows Vista, 2000 and XP systems, and supports up to a 1680×1050 monitor resolution.  Part #USB2VGAE2 from StarTech USA LLP.
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