5 Best USMC Sports Watches

The 5 best USMC sports watches proudly show the world that you have bought a watch that displays the insignia of one of the proudest fighting forces in the whole world, the United States Marine Corps. Show your pro-American and pro-military stance by buying and donning one of these watches on your wrist! Uncle Sam will personally thank you for it. Yessir!

  1. U.S. Marines Suntime men's sports watch. The U.S. Marines Suntime men's sports watch deserves the number one position because it combines the pleasure of the NCAA with a show of support for the U.S. Marines. This USMC sports watch includes the U.S. Marines' insignia on its dial and also the team logo of your favorite NCAA team on its stainless steel case.
  2. U.S. Marines men's sport watch with leather band. Taking the number two spot on account of its more refined leather band, this USMC sports watch also features a rotating bezel along with a date and a calendar function. Its leather strap is truly the standout feature on this sports watch, as you will feel the difference of the leather when you strap it to your wrist.
  3. Zan USMC sports watch. From manufacturer Zan comes this proud watch that allows you to show the world that you have the back of the U.S. Marine Corps. This product belongs at the number three position because of its unique, green paint job and its larger-than-normal U.S. Marine insignia that takes up the whole watch face!
  4. U.S. Marines licensed Anochrome Ice sports watch. The U.S. Marines licensed Anochrome Ice sports watch comes in at number four due to its 30 meter water resistance capability along with its Japanese quartz movement for accurate time keeping. If you want a USMC sports watch that patriotically displays the red, white and blue colors on its dial, then you have got to get your hands on this baby.
  5. RAW Instrument V1P05 USMC sports watch. Watch maker RAW Instrument produces this USMC sports watch, and it stands out because it features absolutely no numerals on its dial at all! Instead, what you get is simply a loud and proud U.S. Marines Corps insignia splashed across the whole watch dial. Sweet!
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