5 Best Vampire Weekend Songs

The 5 best Vampire Weekend songs have made a strong impact on the music scene, helping the discs to sell mainstream numbers while retaining their indie sensibility. Mixing jittery post-punk and new wave with the clean, circular guitars of African pop music, Vampire Weekend has carved out a unique niche, and each of the 5 best Vampire Weekend songs highlights a different aspect of the band's undeniable appeal. 

  1. "A-Punk," from "Vampire Weekend" (2008). This quick ditty from Vampire Weekend's self-titled debut tops the list of 5 best Vampire Weekend songs by boiling the band's appeal down into one wiry, jumpy song. With a bassline that recalls Two-Tone ska at its most frenetic, pogo-and-sing-along "hey hey hey"s, and a repeated guitar riff that hangs in the head for days, "A-Punk" tops the list of 5 best Vampire Weekend songs.
  2. "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa," from "Vampire Weekend" (2008). With a riff nicked straight from the Afropop playbook, "CCKK" is a quiet, ballad-like song reminiscent of Paul Simon's work on "Graceland."
  3. "Holiday," from "Contra" (2010). Following much the same template as "A-Punk," this song is nervy, jittery and loud, Vampire Weekend at their most rocking.
  4. "M79," from "Vampire Weekend" (2008). This song from the debut adds orchestral synths to the indie-Afropop mix and the result is one of the 5 best Vampire Weekend songs.
  5. "Horchata," from "Contra" (2010). The lead single from the second album has a bit of an Animal Collective feel, showing the band branching out while still maintaining its own identity.
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