5 Best Vanessa Shaw Movies

Vinessa Shaw displays her incredible range in these five best Vinessa Shaw movies. From comedy to drama to horror, Vinessa Shaw has shown she can do it all and is a talent to be taken seriously.

  1. “40 Days and 40 Nights” (2002) In this Vinessa Shaw movie, Shaw plays Nicole, the love of Matt Sullivan’s (Josh Hartnett) life who breaks up with him after he suffocates her with too much attention. Shaw is perfect as the gorgeous, desirable ex with a touch of vindictiveness who later tries to lure Matt back after he’s moving on with Erica Sutton (Shannyn Sossamon).
  2. “The Hills Have Eyes” (2006) The only Vinessa Shaw movie in the horror genre, her role in “The Hills Have Eyes” was as Lynn, the oldest daughter of the Carter family. She’s married to Doug Bukowski (Aaron Stanford), two members of the family who fight off the cannibalistic mutants who attack their family. A good Vinessa Shaw movie that features her in a role that’s different from her usual fare.
  3. “Garden Party” (2008) As Sally St. Claire, Vinessa Shaw is a sultry real estate agent who has a closet full of secrets. During the course of the movie, Sally arranges her friends and clients like pieces in a game of chess. Their lives ultimately play into Sally’s web of perversion in this Vinessa Shaw movie.
  4. “The Weight of Water” (2000) In this crime drama, Shaw took on the role of Anethe Christenson, sister-in-law to Maren Hontvedt (Sarah Polley), who is the lone witness to a double murder. To further complicate issues, there is also the matter of Maren’s incestuous affair with her brother, Anethe’s husband. One of the best Vinessa Shaw movies that features her in a supporting role and would be a glimpse of great things to come.
  5. “Two Lovers” (2008) “Two Lovers” features her as Sandra Cohen, the daughter of a family who has merged businesses with the Kraditor family, whose son is Leonard (Joaquin Phoenix). Leonard is in love with Michelle (Gwyneth Paltrow), who’s in love with a married man; all the while Leonard continues to see Sandra. As the unsuspecting girlfriend in the best Vinessa Shaw movie, Shaw is the perfect complement to Leonard’s wishy-washy romantic whims.





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