5 Best Vibrating Condom Rings

Whether your sex life has gone dull or you just want to spice things up, try one of the 5 best vibrating condom rings. A vibrating condom ring is a small ring that fits at the base of the penis. It is battery powered and offers stimulation for both patterns during sexual intercourse. It’s sure to bring a little heat between the sheets for you and your lover.

  1. Trojan Intimate Vibrations Vibrating Ring This ring has a 30-minute life and is powered by a battery in a soft casing. The rings are individually inspected to ensure quality and feature pleasure-increasing raised bumps.
  2. Durex Vibrating Ring This vibrating ring lasts 20 minutes, although reviews say that it can go longer than that. This ring features and on and off button. It can be used with lube and is best used in the missionary position.
  3. Midnight O™ Vibrating Condom Ring This vibrating ring is designed to not only heighten pleasure, but also increase endurance. It features stimulating pleasure knobs that offer sensations for both partners. This ring has a 30-minute battery life and it can be used with or without a condom.
  4. Elexa Vibrating Ring This condom ring is crated from a woman’s perspective, which means this ring will offer better pleasure for both partners. This ring lasts for 20 minutes and contains natural rubber latex.
  5. Lifestyles Vibrating Ring This ring last for 20 minutes and can be turned off and saved for later. It is made from flexible silicone which fits men of all sizes comfortably. This ring is covered with stimulating pearls for everyone’s pleasure.
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