5 Best Video Keno In Casinos Las Vegas

Want to know the 5 best video keno in casinos Las Vegas? What is one of the oldest games still played in modern casinos? It is keno, but the days of sitting in a weathered leather chair while you mark your lucky numbers with a crayon are long gone because of video Keno. Though the format has changed, the concept of keno has stayed the same. To find the 5 best video keno in casinos in Las Vegas, read on and you will see not only that this old school game is still alive in Las Vegas, it is big business.

  1. Bally’s Casino. Bally's offers a large cache of keno video machines right up front near the main entrance. Their machines offer large screens and easy to read on screen instructions and prompts.  Bally’s Casino: 3645 Las Vegas Blvd S.
  2. Caesars Palace. Keno machines reside adjacent to the Coliseum entrance. The keno machines at Caesars Palace are large, easily accessible and kept very clean which is why it is one of the best video keno casinos in Las Vegas. Caesars offers bilingual machines and quick refills on your drinks! Caesars Palace: 3570 Las Vegas Blvd S.
  3. Excalibur Hotel and Casino. At Excalibur, the video keno machines sit in a fun and hopping spot inside the Sport’s book. It makes for a fun time playing video keno amidst the happenings of sports betting, providing a great, lively environment and a load of laughs. Excalibur Hotel and Casino: 3850 Las Vegas Blvd S.
  4. Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino. The Golden Nugget offers their video keno next to the poker room. Large machines with full screens and very descriptive play are available here. It's a great location if you are looking for quiet gambling. Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino: 129 Fremont St.
  5. Flamingo Las Vegas. The infamous Flamingo is one of an old school casino and offers up some old school video style keno. It is situated next to the sports book to keep the keno player in tune with the events of the sporting world. Flamingo Las Vegas: 3555 Las Vegas Blvd S.
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