5 Best Vintage BMW Motorcycles

The 5 best vintage BMW motorcycles are hard to decide. There are many great vintage BMW motorcycles that have been produced but these five tend to be among the most popular vintage BMW motorcycles.

  1. 1960-1966 BMW R27. The BMW R27 is one of the best vintage BMW motorcycles. The BMW R27 came with a kick starter that swung out from the side making the R27 very easy to start. The BMW R27 is a popular motorcycle for people who like to restore vintage BMW bikes.
  2. BMW R60/2. The  BMW R60/2 motorcycles were produced from 1956 to 1969. BMW R60/2 motorcycles were popularized by Danny Liska who rode BMW R60/2 motorcycles from Alaska to Argentina during the 1960's. 
  3. 1923 BMW R32. This vintage BMW motorcycle was the first motorcycle branded as a BMW. This vintage BMW is one of the classiest looking vintage bikes. The BMW R32 vintage motorcycle had a top speed of 69 mph. You can still find vintage 1932 BMW R32 motorcycles for sale but they are becoming more rare each year.
  4. BMW Kompressor. The BMW was popularized because of its sporty looks. This vintage BWM was also a great motorcycle to race.
  5. BMW R90S. The BMW R90S was first released in 1973. The reasons the BMW R90S is one of the five best vintage motorcycles is because of its styling and power. The BMW R90S was only produced from 1973 to 1976, making the BMW R90S a rare vintage motorcycle.
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