5 Best Vintage Japanese Motorcycles

Looking for the 5 Best Vintage Japanese Motorcycles? Of the best vintage Japanese motorcycles five manufacturers come to mind. Vintage Japanese motorcycles are not ones that are no longer manufactured, but motorcycles that are very popular today.

The 5 Best Vintage Japanese Motorcycles are:

  1. Honda. In 1946, the Honda motorcycle was created to help war torn Japan find better ways of transportation. This manufacturer has become a top seller world wide of motorcycles and leads in the off-road motorcycle sport. At the manufacturing plant in Japan there is one of the original motorcycles displayed. In 1959 Honda was the first non-European motorcycle to enter a world Grand Prix motorcycle race, it did not win but placed in the light weight class.

  2. Kawasaki. The company began manufacturing engines for aircraft fire extinguishers and in 1960 developed its own motorcycle after taking over the motorcycle manufacturer, Meguro. In 1969 Kawsaki won its first world championship in motorcycle racing. It is one of the top selling small motorcycle manufacturers in the world and still is manufactured in Nishi-ku, Kobe, Japan.

  3. Suzuki. This manufacturer started in 1909 as a weaving loom company and in 1953 developed a motorized bike which had a gear system and engine that enabled the rider to use the pedals with or without the engine. This company was one of the first to incorporate a small engine into a car and introduced the first car in 1955. It has consistently been a leader in motorcycle racing. The main facility is located in Japan.

  4. Yamaha. Yamaha began as a manufacturer of pianos and organs. After World War II as the company realized in order for Japan to rebuild after the war it would need more affordable transportation. The company used idle airplane manufacturing plants to produce a product that was inexpensive and in 1955 the company produced a single cylinder motorcycle. This was so successful that a subsidiary was formed, Yamaha Motors. The Yamaha is one of the world’s leading motorcycles.

  5. Mikuni. The company that produced this motorcycle is best known for its carburetors and in 1960 it produced a motorcycle which was produced for two years only. This motorcycle had a smaller engine than most other motorcycles and was not well known outside of Japan. At the time of production in the 1960s it was considered to be the best motorcycle in Japan. The company had financial trouble and quit making motorcycles and concentrated on carburetors. The company still produces carburetors for many of the top motorcycle companies.

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