5 Best Vintage Mens Magazines

Collectors of old magazines like certain periodicals the most and here are the 5 best vintage men's magazines.

  1. "Playboy". The magazine recognized around the world broke new ground when it began showing women without clothes on. The images of the women were done artistically and there was also a lot of articles targeting men.
  2. "Popular Mechanics". This magazine was, and still is, read by men all over the country. "Popular Mechanics" featured everything that interested men from the NASA moon landings to building your own hovercraft.
  3. "Men's Life". Mans Life is a vintage men's magazine that covered topics deemed controversial at the time. Some of the feature stories in this vintage magazine included titles such as "Why Foreign Girls Make Better Lovers". "Men's Life" also wrote about any topics that were of interest to men including sharks and war.
  4. "Real". "Real" magazine was similar to "Maxim" magazine today except "Real" magazine was far ahead of their time. There were articles such as "Why We Can't Depend on the A-Bomb", and "Miami after Dark". Sex, war, and boxing were often times the topics in this vintage magazine. "Real" magazine for men is among the best vintage men's magazines.
  5. "Fury". "Fury" billed their magazine as "Exciting True Adventures For Men". "Fury" magazine targeted not only true adventurers but also those who could only read about the adventures of others. Articles such as "I watched myself being eaten alive" kept their readers interest. "Fury" is one of the best vintage men's magazines of all time.
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