5 Best Vintage Omega Mens Watches

The 5 best vintage Omega men's watches have all stood the test of time. They are watches that, much like a fine wine, have aged gracefully to the point where they are now undisputed symbols of class and prestige, not to mention longevity. Since these vintage watches are by Omega, they are priced accordingly highly, but that is the price you must pay to have a vintage Omega men's watch fastened on your wrist.

  1. Omega Constellation Vintage Men's Watch Automatic Swiss. This vintage Omega men's watch takes the one spot because it comes in magnificent, gold tone bezel that will impress people with is appearance of regality. With 100 percent, authentic Swiss movement and silver tone dial, this Constellation Vintage watch will be the topic of conversation for days.
  2. Omega Men's DeVille Vintage Steel Dress Black Date Watch. A watch that still is in mint condition, the Omega Men's DeVille watch features a black leather strap and a fluted steel crown that proudly shows off your Omega logo. It sits at number two because its highly polished watch face will make an impression on total strangers wherever you travel.
  3. Omega Vintage Geneve Men's Watch Mechanical Swiss. The Omega Vintage Geneve Men's watch is unique and truly vintage in that it has a manual winding mechanism, which is what earns it the third spot on this list. With features such as the quality of being waterproof up to a certain depth, luminous gold hands, and a sweeping second hand, this vintage Omega watch for men just screams accuracy and class at the same time.
  4. Vintage Omega Seamaster Memomatic Watch. This Vintage Omega Seamster Memomatic Watch occupies the four slot based on its uniqueness alone. Instead of its original band, it features a specialized gold and silver bracelet that is accented with red and blue stones in a carved, floral design. This is sure to turn people's heads.
  5. Vintage Omega Constellation Piepan 14K Auto Men's Watch. A vintage Omega watch that comes with mechanical movement and dates back to the 1950s, the Vintage Omega Constellation Piepan is a 14K, solid gold watch with a hefty price to accompany it. Though it may be cost-prohibitive, showing off such luxury on your wrist has its benefits.
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