5 Best Vintage Surf Stickers

Want to know what the 5 best vintage surf stickers are? The best vintage surf stickers represent a way of life which gained popularity in the 1950s and is still going strong today. These vintage surf stickers expose the sun and fun lifestyle of surfers around the world.

  1. "Life's a Beach". The infamous saying, "Life's a Beach", started off as a simple sticker created for surfers to apply to their vehicles and boards. The saying instead spread around the world and the sticker ended up in office buildings and city apartments and was being shouted through high school hallways and at college parties. The overwhelming popularity of this sticker makes it one of the best vintage surf stickers.
  2. Mr. Zog's "Sex Wax". This medium size sticker caused a huge ruckus when it was released as an advertisement for surfboard wax. The sexual references drew gasps at innocent onlookers who had no ideas what the product was used for. The logo "The best for your stick" furthered the questionable looks. The sticker gained a resurgence when the surf based movie "Point Break" starring Keanu Reeves, mentioned the product as part of evidence found at a crime scene. The product itself is a simple wax to assist the surfer with grip. The promotional genius makes it one of the best vintage surf stickers.
  3. Local Motion. The Hawaiian based surfing gear retailer released the infamous local motion sticker for promotional reasons in the early 1980's. The sticker quickly gained popularity as a symbol of loving the ocean or tropical life putting it on the list of the best vintage surf stickers..
  4. T&C Surf Designs. The "ying and yang" covered round stickers were issued in multiple colors to match every surfer's board. The design caught on and became a sign of a surfer's integrated balance with nature. This integrated symbolism makes it one of the best vintage surf stickers.
  5. Jimmy Z's. The Jimmy Z's "Woody" sticker is still popular today. Released in the early 1980's, several sizes and versions of the 1934 wagon sticker are available. The lasting popularity makes this one of the best vintage surf stickers.
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