5 Best Vintage Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki has a long and rich history of motorcycles and these are the 5 best vintage Suzuki motorcycles. Suzuki makes a wide range of motorcycles from the speedy Hayabusa to their popular cruisers as well as trail bikes such as the Suzuki Stingers. Suzuki has made a lot of vintage motorcycles that could easily be considered collectors items. The first Suzuki motorcycle was nothing more than a simple bicycle with a motor on it and today Suzuki makes some of the fastest and best motorcycles in the world.

  1. 1952 Power Free E1 1952. The first motorcycle introduced by Suzuki in 1952 was actually just a motorized bicycle. From this simple bike, Suzuki Motorcycles was able to evolve and create the Hayabusa, which is the fastest production made motorcycle in the world.
  2. 1954 Colleda CO. This was the first motorcycle that Suzuki made that actually looked like a motorcycle and not simply a bike with an engine mounted on it. Suzuki did not appear anywhere on this motorcycle. Their was no labels that marked this motorcycle as a Suzuki even though it was a Suzuki.
  3. 1956 Colleda 250TT. The 1956 Colleda 250TT was the first twin engine released by Suzuki. No corporate Suzuki emblems or logos appeared on the Colleda motorcycle until 1959. The 1956 Colleda 250TT is considered one of the 5 best vintage Suzuki motorcycles for collectors. The 1956 Colleda 250TT was only sold in Japan so very few of these vintage Suzukis ever came to America making this a very rare motorcycle for collectors.
  4. 1971 Suzuki T125 Stinger. The 1971 Suzuki T125 Stinger was only sold in a few Countries making this bike a very rare model for American motorcycle collectors. The Suzuki Stingers were never the fastest bike but they were never meant to be. The Suzuki Stingers were very fun bikes that could be used around the farm as a work vehicle as well as riding dirt trails on the weekend.
  5. Suzuki TR750. The Suzuki TR750 is nicknamed "The Water Buffalo" because it was the first production motorcycle that used a water cooled 2-stroke engine. The Suzuki TR750 was marketed as a race bike that could reach speeds of 180 mph. The Suzuki TR750 was ahead of its time. The time tested technology used today is a direct descendant of some of the technologies that Suzuki implemented on to the TR750.
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