5 Best Virginia Beaches

If you live in or plan on traveling to Virginia anytime in the near future then you’re most definitely going to want to know about the 5 best Virginia beaches. From Virginia Beach to Colonial Beach, there are many excellent beaches to choose between when visiting the beautiful state of Virginia.

  1. Virginia Beach. One of the most popular beaches in Virginia, Virginia Beach is family friendly as well as sport friendly. If you get tired of swimming, walking or running on the beach be sure to visit the Cape Henry Lighthouses, one of many attractions Virginia Beach offers. According to Virginia is for Lovers, the Cape Henry Lighthouse is located within a military base, so be prepared to go through security for entrance. Virginia Beach is one of the best Virginia beaches due to its traditional appeal, gorgeous landscape and multiple number of attractions available.
  2. Buckroe Beach. If you don’t mind noisy children or crowds of people then Buckroe Beach is the place to be. If you get tired of swimming and lounging around, look into renting a kayak to explore the beautiful sea around you.
  3. Ocean View Beach. Located near Virginia Beach, Norfolk’s Ocean View Beach is another one of the best Virginia beaches. According to Virginia is for Lovers, the Chesapeake Bay laps an approximate 7.5 miles of Norfolk’s Ocean View Beach. If you enjoy fishing this is the perfect beach in Virginia for you as it boasts commercial piers and many bait shops and tackle rentals to choose from.
  4. Cape Charles Beach. If you’re a family man the Cape Charles Beach is the perfect place to escape to with your family as it features shallow waters and few waves. Cape Charles Beach is one of the best Virginia beaches due to its family friendly atmosphere, stunning ocean views and stress free environment.
  5. Colonial Beach. Virginia is for Lovers reports that Colonial Beach, which is located at the northernmost tip of Virginia’s Northern Neck, is one of the few remaining small seaport towns on the Potomac River. Along with boasting great waters for fishing and crabbing, the Colonial Beach also features a perfect environment for swimming, boating and sailing. If you’re looking for a beach that’s less crowded but still offers many amenities to enjoy the Colonial Beach is the beach for you.


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