5 Best Virtual Sex Toys

We are so technologically and sexually advanced these days that you won’t want to miss out on these 5 best virtual sex toys. Whether you’re interested in interacting more with your porn, virtually hooking up with a stranger online, or maintaining sexual relations with your long-distance girlfriend, there’s a virtual sex toy for your needs. Take a look through the options below and you might even consider purchasing all of them for more of a variety in pleasuring yourself. 

  1. HighJoy. Link your HighJoy interactive sex toy to the computer and have cybersex with your social networking partner. All you need to do is connect to the HighJoy network for a monthly fee and look for a HighJoy-enabled female. For now, this toy is best for couples as the network of females with the HighJoy machine is still growing. Offline, you can use your HighJoy as a normal sex toy as well.
  2. RealDoll. The makers of this virtual sex doll have used Hollywood expertise to create the most lifelike human female on the market. Custom-make your ideal RealDoll to your own desires right down to your sex doll’s fingernail color. Pop her out of the box in a naturally sexy outfit and fill every realistic hole of hers.
  3. RealTouch. If you’ve ever watched porn but yearned for a more real and interactive experience with the babes onscreen, you’ll want to purchase a RealTouch machine. Once connected to your computer, it’ll stroke your penis in time with the porn that you’re watching. You won’t go bored with hundreds of scenes to choose from sorted into every sexual category imaginable from anal to celebrities.
  4. Virtual Sex Stroker. Stroke yourself with this device to engage in simulated virtual sex with the famous Nurse Nicci on your computer screen. Your actions will be represented by a 3D male model so that the more you thrust, the more the model onscreen will give it to Nurse Nicci. You can even engage in bondage if that’s the kind of kinkiness you’re into.
  5. Virtual Hole and Stick. These high quality teledildonics (sex toys controlled by a computer) designed by a Japanese manufacturer are perfect to make up for physical separation in long-distance relationships. You hook up the virtual hole on your end and your girlfriend hooks up the virtual stick on her end. The mutual masturbation will feel almost as intense as having real sex together.
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