5 Best Vodkas To Infuse

The 5 best vodkas to infuse are those vodkas that want to give you something a little bit more special and exciting in your normal serving of vodka. While normal (non-infused) vodka is already very sweet all on its own, adding some infusion to your normal bottle of vodka is something that will thrill you.

  1. Scorpion Vodka. The best vodka to infuse is this new concoction called Scorpion Vodka by Thailand Unique Vodka. Thailand Unique seriously throws the body of a real scorpion into their bottles of vodka and permits it to infuse for just the right length of time. This is the best kind of vodka to infuse because the maker of this vodka promises that it actually has aphrodisiac powers!
  2. Bacon Vodka. The second best vodka to infuse is Bacon Vodka by Black Rock Spirits, which the hipsters just call "Bakon." It is primarily sold in Seattle because it is where the maker is from, and it has already seen popularity with college bars and even high-end establishments. Though this may sound gross to you upon first blush, try and see if it isn't surprisingly pleasing just the same.
  3. Horseradish Vodka. Now, horseradish is not just for salads anymore! Horseradish vodka is the third best vodka to infuse because of the undeniably strong flavor that it creates in addition to the underlying bite of the vodka. Try this vodka just to be able to answer the question of the ages, Will you get that characteristic feeling of pain in your brain after you drink too much of this vodka, as you would if you eat too much horseradish?
  4. Pickle Vodka. While hardly anyone disagrees that pickles go great with fast food like burgers and hot dogs, will even one man agree that pickle vodka is great, too? Nonetheless, pickle vodka takes the number four position on this list of the best vodkas to infuse because it is likely to taste very sour in your mouth. In fact, its maker brags that it has a strong taste of brine, pickle (obviously!) and garlic, just to make sure that your breath stinks, too.
  5. Snake Blood Vodka. If you are Vietnamese, you no doubt will already be familiar with this vodka to infuse with snake blood. It's popular in Vietnam, but will it ever catch on anywhere else? The process of infusion could not be easier: Just have yourself a glass of vodka, cut off a snake's head, pour its blood into the glass, and then down it quickly! Yummy.
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