5 Best Voodoo Thriller Movies

Here is a list of the 5 best voodoo thriller movies. The best horror movies are the ones that etch themselves into your mind, eventually becoming classics. although not everyone will agree on the top five best voodoo horror flicks, we decided to share our top five voodoo thriller movies, for those wondering. So here it is, our top five picks, and why they make the list.

  1. "Tales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood", this movie features Corey Feldman, which is just awesome for that fact alone. Although it took a reputation of being slightly corny, with an edge of humor, that is what makes it such a feel good horror flick. There is blood, nudity, violence and gobs and gobs of all of that good stuff. Basically what you have is a funeral parlor that festers a secret chamber which leads victims to a Bordello. Ah, but be careful, all that glitters is not gold; you see the bordello is nothing more than a lair for vampires to hang out.
  2. "Warlock"– this oldie but goodie makes the list due to the fact that everything you could want in a voodoo film is all right here, from black magic, to witch hunting. It's all there and it does at some points leave your heart pumping in anticipation as to what will happen next. In this flick, an ancient evil is back on earth, and its up to a young girl, and an ancient witch hunter to stop him before it is too late. Sounds cheesy, yes, but it's actually a really decent witchy voodoo thriller.
  3.  "The Craft"- this movie makes the list because it features hot witches, awesome black magic, and of course a really sexy battle between a good witch and a bad witch. It's one we grew up with, that is now a classic voodoo thriller.
  4. "Witchboard" is another classic voodoo horror movie that not many people are aware of, and it is why it has got to be mentioned. This movie takes a close and creepy look at what can happen if you happen to invite evil into your home, in the form of an innocent game known as the Ouija. This movie will have your heart pumping, and yeah, even though its over twenty years old, it is still a movie that will creep you out.
  5.  "Pumpkinhead" naturally makes the list. Although this movie has gobs of sequels, nothing, comes close to being quite as creepy, and frightening as the original. The movie basically centers around a man who is looking for revenge on those who killed his son by accident. He asks for help from a local known crone, or witch. She conjures a voodoo spell that awakens the Pumpkinhead, who in turn gets revenge on all those responsible for the mans sons death.
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