5 Best ‘Voyager’ Episodes

As most Trekkies would attest to, only a true fan knows the 5 best episodes of "Voyager," the "Star Trek" series about the lost USS Voyager. "Voyager" aired from 1995 to 2001, producing seven seasons total. The show centered on the attempts of Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and the Voyager crew to return to Earth after being stranded in the previously unexplored Delta Quadrant in the pilot episode.

  1. "Blink of an Eye" (Aired 1/19/00; Episode 12 of Season 6) Voyager and her crew are temporarily stranded above a planet on which time is moving light-years faster. As Voyager remains above the planet for a period of mere days, centuries pass on the planet below and we get to see life evolve through the ages. The entire time, the planet's residents have come to believe Voyager is their god and the presence of the ship has inspired art, music and literature. A poignant moment occurs near the end of the episode when, Gotana-Retz, an elderly devoted Voyager believer who got to visit the ship as a young man, wistfully watches as Voyager leaves the sky above the now-advanced planet.
  2. "Real Life" (Aired 4/23/97; Episode 22 of Season 3) The Doctor, Voyager's holographic physician, decides that in order to experience a faucet of true humanity, he should have a family and creates a holographic wife, Charlene, and two children, Jeffrey and Belle. The Voyager crew meets the Doctor's "family," but the crew members are unimpressed, as the family is programmed to behave in a perfect manner that is not a true reflection of human families. Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres, in an attempt to give the Doctor some realism, alters the family's program to include more random events and realistic interactions. The Doctor must learn to deal with the problems that arise in his family and then tragedy strikes: his daughter, Belle, has been injured and cannot be saved. Although the upset Doctor wants to terminate the program as a result, he is reminded that there is no "terminate" button in real life and he is by her beside as Belle passes.
  3. "Caretaker, Part I" (Aired 1/16/1995; Episode 1 of Season 1) The pilot of "Voyager" was exciting, fast-paced and broke "rules" set by the other "Star Trek" series. Several key crew members were killed when the ship is blasted into the Delta Quadrant, over 70,000 light-years from Federation Territory, including the second-in-command officer, the entire medical crew and the chief engineer.
  4. "The Omega Directive" (Aired 4/15/98; Episode 21 of Season 4) The Voyager crew is suddenly faced with the existence of the omega particle, a particle that is so dangerous, all Starfleet captains are told to destroy the particle on sight, even if the mission means violating the prime directive. The appearance of an omega particle is normally handled by a special Federation team, but as Voyager has no back-up—a point driven home by this episode—the crew must handle the danger themselves.
  5. "Tuvix" (Aired 5/6/96; Episode 24 of Season 2) After an accident, two members of the Voyager crew—Lieutenant Commander Tuvok and the ship's cook, Neelix—are merged into one sentient being, Tuvix. At first, it is believed the two cannot be separated and Tuvix is accepted as his own person and a member of the Voyager crew. However, the Doctor discovers a way to separate Tuvix back into the two crew members and soon Captain Janeway must struggle with the decision to uphold the rights of Tuvix as a person or "murder" him to protect the rights of the Tuvok and Neelix.  
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