5 Best Wakeboarding Boats

The 5 best wakeboarding boats are those boats that give a water skier (the wakeboarder) the best possible experience. A standard wakeboarding board functions to make large wakes for the water skier who is being pulled behind the boat, so he can capitalize on said wakes by jumping them from side to side.

  1. Axis A22. The Axis A22 lands atop this list of the best wakeboarding boats because of it providing all the features necessary to do proper wakeboarding, yet without the expensive price tag that wakeboarding boats normally come with. At less than $40,000, this wakeboarding boat comes with a swivel wakeboard rack and a plug n' play ballast system so that you can enjoy both driving the boat and doing tricks on the water skies, as you're being pulled by the boat.
  2. Calabria Team V. If you want a wakeboarding boat that will attract attention because of how unique it looks, then the Calabria Team V is your baby. With the capacity to hold up to fifteen people, this wakeboarding boat is truly a vision. Calabria allows you to actually pick certain colors and design parts of it and then builds it to your specifications!
  3. Centurion Enzo SV 240. The biggest wakeboarding boat brand on the block, Centurion can be thought of as the Rolls Royce of the wakeboarding boat world. Water skiers will also be equally impressed and thankful with the sheer size and generosity of the wakes that this massive boat throws out behind it: Its five-tank, 1250-pound ballast system (with the option to add a sixth tank, ese!) creates wakes so substantial that you'll do nothing but enjoy yourself as you water ski behind this baby.
  4. Epic 23V. The Epic 23V takes the fourth spot in this list of the best wakeboarding boats because it is dedicated to the no-frills principle of just producing the largest, most challenging wakes around. There is nothing fancy on this wakeboarding boat, but if you want nothing but a grand time on your water skis, trailing behind this baby, then the Epic 23V is just the thing. It can be thought of as a workhorse that just pops out awesome wake after wake, and its hefty price tag sure confirms its proven, wake-producing power.
  5. Malibu 21 vRide. The fifth-best wakeboarding boat is the Malibu 21 vRide, and it qualifies since it is an entry-level wakeboarding boat. This is the boat you should pick out if you are new to the recreational activity of wakeboarding. While it is for all intents and purposes a basic model, it still comes packed with all the fundamental features you need for any wakeboarding experience, features like its Illusion X tower, its wake hull, and its 400 pounds of ballast.
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