5 Best Washington Wizards Players of All Time

The 5 best Washington Wizards players of all time span half of a century, in the various cities and names the franchise has had.  The franchise has had a total of eight Hall of Famers to ever wear the franchise's jersey.  However, we will look at four retired numbers that the franchise has held, adding just one exception that is at the top of many "best" lists in basketball.

  1. Michael Jordan.  With four Hall of Famers playing a great deal in this franchise, Jordan is the one exception on the list of 5 best Washington Wizards players of all time, and certainly the only name here that played for the actual Washington Wizards form of the franchise.  Jordan is simply the best basketball player ever.
  2. Elvin Hayes.  Elvin Hayes has made his way onto twelve All-Star teams and on the NBA's 50 Greatest Players of All-Time list as well.  Hayes was extremely talented, with 28.4 points per game and 17.1 rebounds per game in his rookie season.  He led the Washington Bullets to a title in 1978.
  3. Earl Monroe.  Earl "the Pear" can also be found on the 50 Greatest Players list, and has made four All-Star teams in his career.  Monroe was a guard who changed the game into an art form, similar to the innovative approach Pete Maravich had.  He later won a title with New York, in a back court featuring him and Walt Frazier.
  4. Wes Unseld.  Playing his whole career with the franchise, he won a title with Elvin Hayes in 1978.  Unseld captured five All-Star selections and found his way onto the 50 Greatest Players list, along with the three previous players to play for the Wizards franchise.  Unseld was known for his defense, rebounding, strength, and determination.
  5. Gus Johnson.  Johnson rounds out the four Wizards franchise players to have their jersey retired in the franchise.  Playing in five All-Star games, Johnson was known for his strength and athleticism.  He was a great dunk artist who managed to shatter three backboards as well.


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