5 Best Watches With Big Numbers

When reading the time on your watch becomes difficult, you may want to consider purchasing one of these 5 best watches with big numbers. Watches that have big numbers are also referred to as "low vision" watches. While these watches come in a variety of styles, designs and brand names, they all feature large, bold numbers that are easy to read.

  1. Avalon Men’s Prestige Series Large and Bold Number EZC Low Vision Watch. This Avalon watch features big numbers and is top-of-the-line. The large, white numbers on the black face are easy to read. The face is covered with a scratch-resistant anti-reflective crystal, and the Japanese quartz movement will retain accuracy for many years. You do not need to worry about any problems with this watch because it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  2. LS&S Men’s LHS-126 Low Vision Watch. This particular model of the LS&S watch has big numbers and looks elegant with the contrasting gold and silver band. The background of the face is black, with the numbers in white. It is a stylish accessory for the man with low vision, and it will go well with any type of wardrobe.
  3. Tel Time Men’s Low Vision Watch. You will not have to squint your eyes to read the dial on this watch. The numbers three, six, nine and twelve are bold and the remaining numbers are represented by large dashes. The big numbers on this watch are easy to read, and it comes with a leather band.
  4. Reizen Men’s Glow Low Vision Watch. The face of this watch with big numbers has a white background and black numbers. The bezel is gold and has a crimped design, which is a nice contrast to the chrome casing and band. With the push of a button, the face of the watch lights up with a blue EL light, allowing you to check the time in the dark.
  5. Timex Men’s Low Vision Watch. The Timex brand is known for high quality watches, and this men’s watch with big numbers is no exception. The watch is water-resistant, features the day and date and has a stainless steel, expandable band. The black numbers are clear and bold against the light-colored background of the face. This is an excellent watch from a reputable company.
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