5 Best Watches That Don’t Need Batteries

These are the five best watches that do not need batteries. Not only are these watches better for the environment but they are also much more convenient. Lets face it, changing the batteries in your watch can be an annoying task, and nothing is more annoying than looking at your watch for the time only to find out the batteries have died and you do not have the correct time. Well eliminate those problems with these watches below.

  1. Eco Drive Watches – These watches are the greatest for the environment around you. They run on light which makes them solar powered and they will never let you down. Go green with this watch and never turn back.
  2. Quartz Analog Watch – This watch uses the technology of a Quartz crystal to run. It is one of the most dependable watches that does not require a battery and with the brand name of Quartz behind it, you will have no worries about quality.
  3. Seiko Watch – This watch also runs on the power of a Quartz crystal. This watch was made in Japan, and hey, the Japanese make some pretty good electronics if you ask me.
  4. Croton Men's Diamond Dress Quartz Watch – Again, this watch uses the power of a Quartz crystal to run. So what makes it better than the ones above? Well it has diamonds in it, and lets face it, the best watches have diamonds.
  5. TAG Heuer Men's Aqua Racer Chronograph Quartz Watch – This watch is pure class. Running on a Quartz crystal, this is the ultimate flashy watch that is battery less. This watch will draw every ones attention.
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