5 Best Water Bottles For Running

The 5 best water bottles for running constitute all those water bottles that do the job of carrying water for you while running efficiently. Ideally, these types of water bottles should also be quite light so that they don't impede with your running speed and progress. Finally, any good water bottle for running should also be of a reasonable price.

  1. GoLite Hydroclutch – Handheld Water Bottle. The best water bottle for running is the GoLite Hydroclutch. As its name well implies, it is a water bottle that is designed to be super-light and also to fit snugly in the grip of your hand! This water bottle is made to be carried by runners as they are jogging, running or even just fast-walking. Because of its design, it actually will feel like it is natural to carry this while running.
  2. ASICS Intensity Handheld Water Bottle. This water bottle is a little bit different in that you can grip it, but you can also carry very small items in the sling that lets you carry this while running in the first place. That little pouch on its side is ideal for carrying small items like pocket change, movie stubs or even condoms. Carrying a water bottle like this while running will be no inconvenience at all, seeing as how you will likely just forget about it as it naturally fits into the groove of your hand.
  3. Quickdraw Elite Handheld Water Bottle. The Quickdraw Elite Handheld Water Bottle is the third-best water bottle on this list due to its moisture-wicking feature. This simply means that any form of water–your sweat or droplets of water from the bottle itself–will be more likely to simply whisk themselves away from the mesh hand strap. This is favorable for you because nothing would be more annoying than carrying a wet water bottle as you run! It carries 22 ounces, which is a little more than half a liter.
  4. FuelBelt 10-Ounce Palm Holder with Pocket. Available in a multitude of colors, this fourth-best water bottle for running is made out of a ripstop material. This is a boon for you since this makes the material on the hand strap of this water bottle quite durable. Another bonus is how lightweight the material is, yet another complement to your running. Nothing's worse than having to carry heavy items with you on your run!
  5. Ultimate Direction FastDraw Extreme Hand-held Bottle. What makes this fifth-best water bottle for running so extreme, you ask?! Why, its huger storage compartment that's good for keys, gel or cash; its neoprene band that prevents the water from getting hot from your hand's temperature while also shielding your hands from getting cold from the water; and its 3D AirMesh material, natch. At only 1.3 pounds of weight, you won't even feel this as you run with it.
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