5 Best Water Polo Caps

Check out these 5 best water polo caps. There are several pieces of essential water polo gear you'll need, caps are one of the most important. Water polo caps protect your head from rough play and come with specialized ear guards. Here's a list of caps to get you started.

  1. New Generation Water Polo Caps by Turbo: These best water polo caps come in all white, blue or red. They have numbers on the sides, right above the ear guards. Each ear guard is large enough to cover the entire ear safely. This prevents water from entering the ear while playing. The majority of ear guards in this cap and others have small perforations in the design. The New Generation caps have holes on the surface and sides. This feature releases water so that it doesn't become trapped in the person's cap. The cap also has straps. The straps are used to hold the cap in place. This important piece is secured under the chin by rings or ties.
  2. Professional Classic Set 26 Caps by Turbo: The Professional Classic set consists of red, blue and white caps. These water polo caps are classic in design with the numbers printed boldly on the side. The ear guards are standard and provide all the essential protection you'll need in the water. This set comes with a white goalie cap as well.
  3. Water Polo Quarter Goalie Cap by Water Gear: This goalie cap is unique in design. It features triangular perforations instead of circles or squares on the ear guards. The sides of the ear guards also have water outlets. The black and red colors of this cap is striking. It stands out in the game. The double-seamed nylon material is both durable and meets all safety regulations.
  4. Finis: Like most water polo caps, Finis manufacturers theirs in sets. This set comes with a red goalie cap and all overs in blue or white. The ear guard's perforations are widely spaced and come in six. The sides have smaller perforations. The stretch material fits comfortably on the head, while the numbers are large enough to be seen in the water.
  5. Olympic Water Polo Caps: Olympic is simple in design. They have the standard ring straps. The set comes with 12 blue and white caps. It also comes with one red goalie cap. Olympic's ear guards are smaller with 10 perforations.
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