5 Best Water Resistant Pocket Watches

For nostalgia's sake or just to protect an investment from the weather, make sure you have one of these 5 best water resistant pocket watches. Not only is a pocket watch a fashion statement for any man, a pocket watch, especially a water resistant one, is a sign of refined taste. In addition, the wearer wants to maintain a bit of privacy. A pocket watch is elegant and makes a definite statement of class and sophistication concerning the male wearer. Whatever the reason one is purchased, a pocket watch guarantees the individual is aware of keeping a schedule, is always on time and knows how to be refined while maintaining a certain standard in life.

  1. Relic Men's Pocket Watch. Retailing at just $50, the Relic Men's Pocket Watch not only has style and class with a definite appeal, but this watch is  designed with a gunmetal dial and a silvertone finish. The manufacturer guarantees the watch will not erode when coming in contact with water. The Relic design is marketed only for JC Penny or Sears.
  2. Charles Hubert Automatic 3589. A pocket watch with class, distinction, style and appeal, it is designed with jeweled winding movement and covered in gold plated brass, .54 inches thick, weighing only 2.9 ounces. This design is sleek and very slim. The Charles Hubert brand is designed for the man of distinction and retails at only $123.75.
  3. SS Quartz Pocket Watch 3551. Described as having simple elegance with silent appeal, this water resistant pocket watch is a steal retailing at $200. It has a highly polished finish running along the front and back with a premium chain included and Swiss movement. It is designed with an onyx second and minute hand accentuated by Roman numerals. The SS Quartz keeps time to the second. 
  4. Swiss Army Pocket Watch. For the rugged man desiring a rugged watch, the Swiss Army Pocket Watch including a silver chain and leather pouch in black trim is a sign of strength and endurance. It's a pocket watch that is as rugged as they come. Retailing at $195, retailers challenge you to find one better. 
  5. Stainless Steel Titanium Pocket Watch. A meager $140 will buy you the Stainless Steel Titanium Pocket Watch. The SS Titanium has been tested and reportedly, is as strong as steel. The watch measures 1.9" x 6" x 2.6." It's sleek and lightweight design will not erode. It cannot be damaged by fresh or saltwater. The watch displays the time and date. Have your initials engraved in the metal free of charge or if giving it as a gift, have it engraved with the recipient's name or initials.  
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