5 Best Water Ski Boats

The 5 best water ski boats are those watercrafts that will enable you to enjoy the water like never before. If you've never water skied before, there's no better time to start than after purchasing one of these beautiful pieces of material goodness. So get on your water skis and prepare to be dragged behind a boat like you've never been dragged before.

  1. Axis A20 The Axis A20 mixes together what water ski enthusiasts have wanted for the longest time: a marriage between big-wake performance and uncomplicated style. This marriage is sufficient to cause the Axis A20 to jet its way to the top of this list of the best water ski boats. With its maximum 400 horsepower might, you and your friends and family should be able to envision yourselves tearing it up on the water with ease.
  2. Centurion Enzo SV240 The second-best water ski boat is this model from the Centurion company, the official tow boat of the World Wakesurfing Championships, which should tell you something about its capacity. If you want to wakesurf, this water ski boat is as good a model to use for that purpose. Perhaps the best feature on this stellar water ski boat is the size of the wakes it's capable of churning out. With its six-tank and 1250-pound ballast mechanism, the Centurion is able to throw up massive wakes with a lot of vigor.
  3. Malibu Response FXi 2011 If you want a water ski boat that can do everything excellently, think about buying the Malibu Response. It is a water ski boat whose engineers decided not to compromise anything, which led to them designing a boat with excellence all around. An example of its well-rounded design is displayed in how it is adept at both slalom racing (which requires speed) and throwing up great wakes (which requires an effective wake-producing system).
  4. Supra Launch 242 The fourth-best water ski boat is this Supra Launch 242, a water ski boat made to satisfy the demanding desire of the most ardent wakesurfing enthusiasts. Water skiers must rejoice at the news that the ballast system of this Supra model is an amazing 1700 pounds, which, along with the boat's Supra SmartPlate system, gives you the size of wakes that professionals enjoy!
  5. Tige Boats 24Ve One of the larger water ski boats around, the Tige Boats 24Ve is great at accommodating both big families in addition to those who are seriously into hardcore wakesurfing. A feature of this boat that will surely be welcome to those who like to spend a great deal of time on their boats is the cockpit. The Tige Boats 24Ve features a 102-inch cockpit that is mindfully designed to save space, which simply means that you won't feel restricted even if your boating trip lasts a full day.
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