5 Best Water Skiing Boats

Water skiing is an extreme sport and daredevils need to know that what the 5 best water skiing boats are. In fact the best way to enjoy water skiing is to take the experience on your own boat. So get ready to ride the waves behind one of the most beautiful and powerful water skiing boats.

  1. Axis A20: The top of our list of the best water skiing boats is the Axis A20. This boat manages a beautiful compromise between a simple style and performance. This wonderful machine has 400 horsepower and you will have the time tearing up the waves behind this boat.
  2. Centurion Enzo SV240: This boat was the official tow boat named by the World Wakesurfing Championships, making it earn the second spot on our best water skiing boats list. This boat is the best vehicle for wakesurfing. The boat can handle any size of waves and its 1250 pound ballast mechanism can take on any challenge in the rough sea.
  3. Malibu Response FXi 2011: This boat excels in all departments of best water skiing boats. This beautiful machine does not compromise on any aspect and is the epitome of perfection. It is the perfect choice for slalom racing. This shows that the boat is built for speed. Plus, this water skiing boat can throw up great wakes.
  4. Supra Launch 242: This water skiing boat has the capacity to please the most particular water ski fans. The ballast system of this amazing boat is 1700 pounds, making it one of the top choices for handling large waves. No wonder this boat is one of the top 5 in our best water skiing boat list. 
  5. Tige Boats 24Ve: This boat is undoubtedly large in size and is the perfect water skiing boat out there for large families. If you have a big family or a huge circle of friends, who are all fans of water skiing, then this is the boat for you. It has a 102 inch cockpit and does not let you feel cramped once you’re inside the boat.
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