5 Best Waxes For Black Cars

Since scratches show so easily on black cars, if you have a black car you will want to have of of the five best waxes for black cars. These waxes not only make black cars look good, but they also protect the them from the elements. When the right wax is used on a black car, the car will look very sheik. Use one of these five best waxes for black cars and feel confidant that your car will be protected and look amazing.

  1. Pinnacle Souveran Wax. This wax for black cars is a little expensive, but the three dimensional look it gives a black car makes the price worth it. This wax is made of natural oils and Brazilian ivory Carnauba. Since this wax has a butter like consistency it applies very easily to vehicles. Once it is wiped off a vehicle it leaves a crystal clear finish.
  2. Turtle Wax Black Box. Turtle is known for making great car wax and this wax works great on black vehicles. This wax for black cars can be applied by hand or by a machine. One of the best things about this wax is that it works great on restoring the neglected black paint on older cars. This wax will give a black car with a deep and wet shine. Besides wax, pre wax cleaner and spray detailer are also included in the black box.
  3. Dudo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Car Wax. Besides black cars, this wax for black cars can also be use on other dark vehicles. This wax repels water and acts as a barrier against pollutants and UV light. Since there is colored oils in this wax, the paint on the black car will look deeper when this wax is used on it.
  4. Meguiars Gold Class Curnuba Premium Paste Wax.  Meguiars has been making great car wax for years and the Meguiars Gold Class line is phenomenal for black cars. You know this is great wax because of the super sharp reflections you get off a car when you use this wax. Besides giving your car a shiny reflection, this wax will also dramatically deepen the color of the paint on your vehicle.
  5. Turtle Wax Color Magic Black Car Polish. This is a great wax for black cars if your black car has annoying chips and scratches on it. The dyes and pigments in this wax help to make a black car look brand new once it has been waxed. People, who use this wax, like the fact that it goes on and comes off very easily.
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