5 Best Ways To Bulk Up

Here are the 5 best ways to bulk up for anyone looking to add some muscle. A lot of guys out there are looking to pack on the pounds, however, they don't want to go down the road of steroids.  Steroids can cause a lot of problems to the user, so finding ways to bulk up naturally is important. If you are looking to bulk up, you should consider:

  1. Whey Protein – This is a very common way that athletes and body builders use to bulk up.  There are many different types of whey protein available on the market that can be found at your local supplement store or even local retail stores.  When following a proper diet and not abusing the product, people can put on the muscle that they desire.
  2. Other Protein Powders – Besides whey protein, people looking to bulk up can choose from soy protein, whey protein isolate, egg protein, micellar casein protein.  These protein powders are also available at your local supplement store and online. 
  3. Consume Foods That are High in Protein – If you want to bulk up but don't want to go the route of powders, then you can bulk up by consuming foods that are high in protein.  These foods would be beef, eggs, and other animal products.  It is important to find lean sources so that you are not eating too much fat and unhealthy calories.
  4. Liquid Protein Shots – This option is similar to protein powders; however, liquid protein shots do not need to be prepared and are easy to transport and consume on the go.  These shots have 25 grams of quality protein and can be consumed up to three times a day. 
  5. Work out and lift weights – Lifting weights and consuming extra protein will help your muscles add mass.  Strength training is an extremely important factor for bulking up and should be done at least 3 times per week. If you don't work out, the extra protein you are consuming will have little to no effect.

There are many ways to bulk up; however, if you want to add muscle mass in a safe way and maintain your health in the long run, then you should follow one of the above listed options.  Whatever you do, don't choose to take steroids in order to bulk up. 

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