5 Best Ways To Call In Sick

Using one of these five best ways to call in sick might keep you from losing your job. Let’s face it, everyone needs a day off once in a while, and most employers will not excuse your absence without a good excuse. So call in sick and make sure you are believable.

  1. Complain of feeling sick the day before. If you know in advance which day you want to take off, plan ahead. Start openly complaining of feeling sick at work the day before. Go to the bathroom often. Tell co-workers that you do not feel well. Do not be your energetic self. Instead be sluggish and drag around like you’re in pain. Then when you call in sick the next day, everyone will believe you.
  2. Personal emergency. Call in and say that you cannot make it to work due to a personal emergency. Do not give any details. Personal means nobody’s business. This excuse will only work every blue moon so do not over do it.
  3. Food poisoning. Say that you are calling in sick because you have food poisoning. Tell your boss that you have been up all night with diarrhea as a result and you cannot make it in to the office.
  4. Use voice mail or e-mail. Do not speak directly to your boss when you call in sick. Instead, call extremely early so that you reach voice mail and leave a message that you are sick and will be out today. Another option is to send an early morning e-mail which simply states you will not be in today because you are not feeling well.
  5. Have a significant other make the call. Have your spouse, companion or even your mother call in sick on your behalf. The message should be that you were sick all night and they decided not to wake you this morning because you are not well enough to report to work.

It might be possible to ask your boss for a day off and get it. But if that is not the case at your job, use one of these five best ways to call in sick. Get that mental health day that you need. All work and no play could lead to a real illness.

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