5 Best Ways To Find A Job

If you are fresh out of school or just looking for your next big venture, it may be time to put the 5 best ways to find a job to use. Although it is true that finding a job that is a great match for you can be a challenge, it is a challenge you can overcome by thinking it through. Consider the following five best ways to find a job and proceed with your job search the smart way.

  1. Be selfish, but honest. The best ways to find a job involve doing research from the start. Think about yourself and what you want from a job. Consider your talents and contemplate ideal opportunities. Finding a job will be easier once you have narrowed your focus and set clear goals.
  2. Do more research. Will that dream job really be everything you imagine it to be? Once you have identified a field that is the best match for you, learn more about it and begin to discover potential opportunities. Doing your homework on the field and companies will aid you in finding a job. You will be able to speak intelligently about the available jobs and how your skills will be an asset to them.
  3. Make use of available resources. The best ways to find a job include making use of your community's resources. As you learn more about yourself and the field, take advantage of the resources available to you in finding a job. Make use of the resources available to you through your community, such as your college career center.
  4. Make use of your contacts. Take advantage of personal resources as well as community resources in order to make thorough use of the five best ways to find a job. Ask for friends and relatives for job leads and make use your contacts to get you an interview or give you a reference. As you proceed with finding a job, maintain a professional demeanor as you gather information, and you will be able to add contacts as you go.
  5. Apply using what you know. The best ways to find a job conclude with targeting your applications to your desired position and company and taking the plunge by submitting them. Apply directly to the companies you have targeted through your research as being great matches for you. Express your interest and make your skills known regardless of an advertised availability of positions. Use what you have learned through your research to target your application directly to the employer's needs. Take the steps that help get closer to an interview, such as using the name of the hiring manager in your cover letter whenever possible.

The knowledge you gain from discovering and matching your skills is key to finding a job. Find ways to extend what you know by making use of the resources provided and learn about opportunities, and you'll be on your way. Make use of what you know, make use of your contacts, and apply for the jobs that you find you are best suited for. Use these five best ways to find a job and make them work for you.


Boise State Career Center

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