5 Best Ways To Grow Hair

If you are a long-haired male at heart, here is something you will really want to learn about: 5 best ways to grow hair. Think about some of the simple things you do in your everyday life. What you eat, how you treat your hair, and what you eat can all result in your hair not growing like it could be. Here are a few tips that could help you to grow hair:

  1. Protein – Getting protein into your daily diet is a great start to growing hair.
  2. Treatment of hair – Are you nice to your hair? It helps if you comb your hair gently from roots to ends. This will help grow hair.
  3. Extra nice treatment – Try oiling the ends of your hair. Use olive oil–it's great for growing hair and keeping it healthy.
  4. Vitamins – If you are lacking nutrition, it could be a good idea to take some multi-vitamins. Fish oil is great also. Take it in capsule form to help grow hair. It's great for boosting your memory too.
  5. Head massage – Another way to grow hair is to massage your scalp. It stimulates your scalp to encourage growing hair. You could even massage your scalp with olive oil to encourage growing hair.

There are probably other ways to grow hair, but those listed above have lots of potential to work. Don't expect an overnight miracle or you will be disappointed. But keep track of the progress over a week or a few weeks of your growing hair. If you are really in to growing your hair, consider measuring the length of it on a certain day of each week and tracking it. Take a picture from the same angle of your hair the same day of each week. You should start to notice hair growth. Otherwise, you'll just notice that your growing hair is now starting to get in your eyes and passing your eyes. Now wouldn't that be cool?

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