5 Best Weapons in Fable 2

Rated by the most courageous adventurers in Albion, here are the five best weapons in Fable 2. This class terminology may not be by the book, but sometimes a true hero (or villain) doesn't have time to play by the rules…

  1. Slashers. The swords. No adventurer should leave home without one. Hands down the most feared blade in these lands is the daichi. Not only is it the most damaging of all the legendary blades, but it increases your attractiveness as well. Kick ass and look good doing it? Definitely one of the five best weapons.
  2. Choppers. Axes and cleavers. No contest here, the chopper deserves it's place in among the five best weapons in the game. The augmentations Discipline and Stoneskin give you the double whammy of more experience and resistance to scarring. Who doesn't want to age gracefully? Another of the five best weapons in the game.
  3. Bashers. Hammers and maces. While the calavera has both Latin flair and is a mace that sets things on fire, the hammerthyst is just too clever a name not reward. Adventurers have senses of humor as well when it comes to their picks for the five best weapons. It makes you more resistant to damage and less resistant to scarring. For those who don't care about being a pretty boy knight in shining armor, this is the tool to get the job done.
  4. Boomers. The rifles, flintlock pistols, and blunderbusses. Adventurers both real and fictional unanimously agree that the red dragon, while initially unassuming, is hands down the best in the game. The most accurate and damaging gun in the game, if you can master it. It's like if Bruce Lee had a baby with a Beretta. It's one of the five best weapons in the game with the Five Fisted Fighting Style of Fu Manchu.
  5. Winders. For those who prefer a quieter touch with their projectiles, the crossbows of the game. The large crossbow the rammer has a ram on the front of it, and adventurers are really big Mickey Rourke fans (His five best weapons? The energy whip in his right hand, his left hand, his ability to channel Marv, admittedly decent acting ability, and his forehead). It also deals ridiculous damage and has three augmentations; ghoul, flame, and bewitching. This must mean it shoots fiery witch ghosts at people. Case closed.
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