5 Best Werner Kayak Paddle

A quality paddle can increase your kayaking performance, learn about the five best Werner Kayak paddles. Werner kayak paddles are made for all different types of kayaking including whitewater, recreational, touring and performance. Werner has the reputation for combining durability with good swing weight. All Werner kayak paddles are tested with computer software, controlled experiments and in the water by professionals before they are available to purchase. Learn about the five best Werner kayak paddles to decide which one is best for you.

  1. Werner Tybee Fiberglass Paddle. This best kayak paddle is suitable for kayakers of any ability who have a high angle stroke. This best Werner kayak paddle makes stroking easy and is also easy to transport. The Tybee paddle breaks down into two parts for easy storage. This best kayaking paddle is ideal for recreational kayaking and is probably too heavy for competition. 
  2. Werner Skagit Paddle. This best kayaking paddle is perfect for the kayaker with a low angle stroke. The Warner Skagit paddle is lightweight and easy to hold. The oval handle shape makes holding the paddle easy. The shaft is made from carbon and fiberglass and the blade is made from fiber glass, which gives you more control without adding additional weight. The blade is adjustable 45 degrees.
  3. Werner Camano Paddle. This best kayaking paddle has a straight shaft from carbon fiber glass and blades made of entirely fiberglass. The Werner Camano is comfortable to hold and easy to adjust. Reviewers felt that this Werner paddle helped them to stroke faster and more efficiently by reducing excess weight and flutter.  
  4. Werner Kalliste Bent-Shaft Carbon Paddle. The Werner Kalliste paddle features an asymmetrical dihedral blade shape, which is designed to minimize fatigue while paddling. If you are a serious kayaker and you want to make an investment in a quality carbon paddle, the Werner Kalliste is the best kayaking paddle for you. The Kalliste only weight 26 ounces. 
  5. Werner Ikelos Kayaking paddle. This Werner kayaking paddle is best for serious kayakers. The Ikelos  is a high quality performance paddle, which is designed with durability and stability to enhance rolls. The Ikelos is available in a straight shaft or bent shaft option and is best for the kayaker with a high angle stroke. The Ikelos is designed to support an aggressive paddling style to increase speed and stroke efficiency.
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