5 Best Wet Bar Refrigerator

The 5 best wet bar refrigerators offer convenience and commercial grade durability. Wet bars in many ways are the center piece to the man cave. Having a great wet bar refrigerator is the cornerstone to the successful man cave. A great man cave needs a great wet bar refrigerator and these five perfect fits are just what you need.

  1. Marvel 6BARWW Luxury Series Three-Zone Refrigerator: Commercial grade with the attitude to match. This perfect little wet bar refrigerator is the perfect under counter wet bar accessory. The three zones allow you to mix beer with other beverages so you can keep all your buddies pleased. You will pay for the best and this is the best for the home market but if you can afford it and you are serious about your wet bar, go for it.
  2. Brick Bar Refrigerator:This beauty is an awesome addition to the wet bar. The under counter or stand alone operation provides a large mouth refrigerator for a serious stock of booze and other beverages. This is a sharp looking wet bar refrigerator that will accent any man cave nicely. The Brick Bar is widely known as the best and the durability and features backs up the claim.
  3. Continental Refrigerator BBC24-GD:This is the keg boss for the man cave. This under counter keg holder provides style and a great place to store your kegs. Add the shelves and you can fill it with bottles of beer. Either way, you will be ready for a rocking party with the wet bar accessory. Comes with a glass front to show off your stock and provides multi level cooling.
  4. Krowne Metal BS60L-GNB-LR:This restaurant grade wet bar under counter or stand alone refrigerator is have it all wet bar appliance. This is for the serious and big time partier. Over sized storage for multi-level cooling to house several types of drinks. Easy open and access double doors without the annoying suction that some lesser appliance have.
  5. Summit CT66BSSHH Refrigerator:A simple and practical high grade wet bar refrigerator meets all the needs of the man cave. Multi level cooling in an attractive under counter wet bar refrigerator. Very durable to hold up constant use and abuse. Enjoy this appliance and show off your taste and practicality. 
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