5 Best Wetsuits For Surfing

IF You want to hit the waves, you’ll need to know the 5 best wetsuits for surfing. When you buy a wetsuit you need it to fit well and keep you warm when you're out in the cold sea. Make sure the wetsuit fits tight against your body but still gives you room to move freely. Wetsuits are made of neoprene. Look for the right thicknesses of two to six mm, depending on how cold the water temperatures are where you surf. Thin wet suits for warmer waters and thicker suits for colder waters.

  1. Psychofreak by O’Neill. Manufactored by O’Neill, this suit won “best wetsuit of the year” as awarded by Surf Industry Manufactor’s Association. This wetsuit for surfing has increased flexibility in arms and legs, new zip closure system, seamless paddle zones and a double fluid seam weld, that means no stitching.
  2. Cypher by Quicksilver. Featuring Plio-tech thermal air chamber neoprene, this wetsuit will keep you warm in the coldest of waters. Super flexmax seal both flexible and keeps the water out. Strong with ultra elasticized material makes this runner-up a best five wet suit for surfing you’ll want to consider if you surf in very cold temperatures.
  3. H-Bomb by Rip Curl. If you want to stay warm without a doubt, then you might want to buy this first every heated wetsuit. Heating elements placed on the back and core powered by a lithium battery keep you warm, which allows you to surf for hours out in the cold ocean blue.
  4. Infinity Drylock Fullsuit by Xcel.  Stay completely dry with this wetsuit. It is 100% waterproof and has flexible Drylock zipper and wrist seals. Drylock zipper and design keeps the water out makes this a sure best buy as a five best wetsuit to surf when on vacation.
  5. Solutions Gold Back Zip Fullsuit by Billabong. Afraid your wetsuit won’t be flexible enough? This 100% ZG400X Superflex neoprene wetsuit offers incredible stretching. Impact welded seams to keep you dry. Another cool feature of this wetsuit is the furnace thermal lining that keeps your core warm.
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