5 Best White Canvas Tennis Shoes

The five best white canvas tennis shoes bring a touch of nostalgia with them. Canvas white tennis shoes were all the rage in the not so distant past. Many of the manufactures represented here are part of those old school canvas tennis shoes as well.

  1. Converse White Canvas Low-Top: Are an ageless canvas tennis shoe from one of the top old time producers of white canvas tennis shoes. These are the original canvas tennis shoe and are still popular today. Easy on the feet, stylish and affordable, these shoes are simply the best.
  2. Tretorn White Canvas Nylite: This show is sweet. Padded insole for added comfort and fatigue reduction, coupled with a firm and sturdy out sole makes this shoe idea. Great looks and a very affordable price that everyone can afford to have a pair or two in their closet.
  3. Adidas Original Adi Tennis: These are classic and still fashionable today. The original white canvas Run DMC tennis shoe, is still putting out the head turning lines today. This is a very comfortable and firm fitting tennis shoe, perfect for those on their feet all day.
  4. Nike Sweet Canvas Tennis Shoe: Is another big name in the top five. A fitting honor for this classic, yet happening tennis shoe. Retro yes, modern you bet this tennis shoe is timeless. Sharp lines and classic curves, superior out and insole to provide comfort for reduced foot fatigue.
  5. Converse White Canvas Hi-Top: You can flip one with five, your choice. This is the classic and ageless hi-top white canvas tennis shoe. Truly the envy of the tennis shoe world and the cornerstone of classic canvas, with this shoe Converse caught the imagination of a generation.
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