5 Best Whitewater Kayaks

If you’re looking to purchase a new kayak or upgrade the one you have, here are the 5 best whitewater kayaks for you to check out before purchasing yours!  Of the hundreds of kayaks out there some of them are not so great, for the sake of safety and comfort you want to make sure you get the best out there.  Whitewater kayaking can take you from calm easy water to dangerous rocky rapids in no time, you want to make sure you kayak can keep up!

  1. Bliss-Stick.  Bliss-Stick’s commitment is to be making the best kayaks in the world, and they are certainly making good on that promise by ranking among the top whitewater kayaks you can get.  Producing their spectacular kayaks from specially brewed powder that is recyclable allows their products to be super safe for both you and the environment.
  2. Wave Sport.  Building a community with passionate and talented kayakers that compete in competitions all over the world, Wave Sport is able to do the ultimate in research to make their kayaks the best in the business.  Carrying and making everything from Freestyle to River Play to Creeking kayaks, Wave Sport is as diverse as it is quality and there is something here for anyone searching for a great whitewater kayaks.
  3. Pyranha Mouldings.  History, present and future are all at the forefront of everything Pyranha Mouldings does in production of whitewater kayaks.  Being in the business for over 40 years, Pyranha is still a company run by kayakers themselves who make products for other kayakers.  You can’t get more passionate about the sport of whitewater kayaking than at Pyranha Mouldings.
  4. Jackson.  Making both whitewater kayaks and recreation/touring boats, Jackson Kayak will be able to suit anyone’s needs.  They have a knowledgeable staff and support system that is eager for the opportunity to help both a novice and an expert paddler.  With six different boat series, the options here are endless and the attention to detail will ensure you will walk away with a boat to suit every single need you have and nothing you don’t.
  5. Liquid Logic.  Boasting a new state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled factory, Liquid Logic provides an unparalleled level of consistency in molding.  If you have a boat from Liquid Logic that you love, the next one you get will feel and fit just the same.  Though Liquid Logic has become a world wide brand in whitewater kayaks, the have stayed a local, family and close-knit company and they remain most committed to you, the kayaker testing each and every kayak to ensure the ultimate in safety.
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