5 Best Wide Basketball Shoes

The 5 best wide basketball shoes will not increase you field goal average. The best wide basketball shoes will, however, allow you to concentrate on your game and not your sore feet. These basketball shoes will provide comfort and piece of mind. Luckily, they are not hard to find and are made by many top brands. This article will bring five of the best wide basketball shoes to your attention. Check out each one of these shoes if you have the time and pick the one best for you.

  1. Nike Shox BB Pro iD Basketball Shoes This professional grade shoe from Nike provides stability, comfort and support at any level. Ultra lightweight construction makes it easy on the glide, jump and pivot. A top manufactured shoe poised to instill confidence and longevity to your game.
  2. Adidas Men's TS Heat Check Basketball Shoes You cannot have a list of basketball shoes without Adidas being a part of that list. These shoes are heat-sensitive and the foot-cooling design and shape will take your game to the next level. Durably built with comfort in mind, these shoes glide across the court and provide the confidence to move and attack hard.
  3. New Balance Men's BB891 Basketball Shoes This producer is better known for running shoes. However, in the case of this wide basketball shoe, New Balance have hit the market in basketball shoes. A well-designed shoe providing synthetic construction for durability and comfort. A great looking shoe that proves itself on the court with the big boys.
  4. Adidas Men's Pro Model 2010 Basketball Shoes A custom-built option for the serious basketball player. Adidas has opened the door for the wide-footed player to make his own mark on the game. This shoe is a top grade product and offers a custom package to meet almost every style, taste or desire.
  5. Nike Jordan TGIM Basketball Shoes Air Jordan has something for the wide-footed player with these stylish basketball shoes. You get all you expect from Nike and Air Jordan in a wide, more comfortable fit. This shoe is exceptional in construction, durability and comfort.
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