5 Best Wide Bicycle Seats

So which seats are the five best wide bicycle seats available on the market today? Many people are starting to ask this question because they are realizing that there is no better way to “take a load off” then with a comfortable wide bicycle seat. Today's bicycles have some of the most complex and comfortable bicycle seats then any time in history. The following five bicycle seats top the list of the five best wide bicycle seats.

  1. The first seat on the list of the five best wide bicycle seats is the Schwinn stress-free bicycle seat by Pacific Cycle. This seat is designed to reduced the pressure on the back while riding. This seat is priced at less than thirty dollars which makes it an excellent value.
  2. The next seat on the list of the five best wide bicycle seats is the Sunlite Cloud 9 Bicycle Suspension Saddle Cruiser. This ultra wide seat features a gel form inside as well as a spring suspension system. The easy installation system make this seat a winner for quick install.
  3. The Sunlite large wide size sofa gel comfort style bicycle seat is the largest bicycle seat available. This is the “big daddy” of the top five best wide bicycle seats. This seat not only features the gel comfort but also a special spring to enhance ease of riding. This seat is huge. It may be a little difficult for some to ride with a seat this big, but for those who require maximum size this seat is a perfect fit.
  4. The Serfas Super Cruiser Bicycle Saddle offers excellent comfort with a gel interior. This huge bicycle
  5. seat offers comfort and increased riding time. This seat is rather costly but well worth it. This quality made bicycle seat is a winner and definitely one of the five best wide bicycle seats.
  6. The final seat on the list of the five best wide bicycle seats is the twelve inch seat produced by Derri-Air. This seat features all of the usual amenities such as coil wrapping and comfort interior. The difference is that this seat has the ability to be mounted on any bicycle including exercise bicycles which makes it quite the value.

Finding the perfect bicycle seat can mean the difference between being able to ride and enjoy the bicycle at all for some people. Back and leg pain can often accompany a bike with a seat that is not the correct size. There are many options available for those who want to obtain a wide bicycle seat. These five wide bicycle seats are the best in comfort and price.

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