5 Best Wide Dance Shoes

Finding the best wide dance shoes can be a bit challenging. Considering that dance shoes require feet to be comfortable, having a wide foot introduces a bit of a problem. However, there are places that sell dance shoes for all types of feet. The best wide dance shoes are all about flexibility, comfort, and being made just for wide feet.

  1. Capezio Women's "Broadway Flex" Character Shoe. For wide feet, this shoe has it all. With a leather and Neonprene upper that offers flexibility and, more importantly, comfort. Another features would be the cushioned suede sole, as well as the full pig sock lining and padded insoles. Not to mention there is a supportive dual ankle strap is made out of elastic which helps with functional articulation during dancing.
  2. Dereon Sneaker Boot With Straps. As a dance shoe, the sneaker look provides function and an added twist to regular dance shoes. Because of its style, the Dereon Sneaker Boot is just what is needed for wide feet. Its high top sneaker appearance only lends itself to the ability to move with a wider foot. Due to its twisted Velcro strap any size foot can fit comfortably and dance easily with this dance shoe.
  3. Capezio Irish Stepper. Made out of strong and extremely durable leather, the Irish Stepper shoe is great for wide feet. Its surprisingly flexible and the extra loops throughout the shoe offer extra hold for any excess width in the foot.
  4. Capezio Women's "Breeze" Shoe. This wide dance shoe acts as a chameleon for all dancers. Its pre-attached crisscross elastic upper strap keeps the shoe in place as the foot moves about. The crisscross strap also helps as a "widening" agent for the shoe which enables wide feet to use as well.
  5. Theatricals Gore Top Jazz Bootie with Tele-Tone Taps attached. The gore elastic on the upper strip of the shoe, discretely disguises wide feet. The shoe also has a reinforced toe box which, not only provides excellent shock absorption, but adds stability for wider feet.
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