5 Best Wide Leg Dress Pants For Men

Trying to find the five best wide leg dress pants for men? Today is your lucky day. Here are the five best wide leg dress pants for men.

  1. Galante Uomo. Galante Uomo makes wonderful wide leg Italian wool dress pants. The slacks are two pleats wide legged cut with a heavy textured diagonal striping and have a four or five button  styling.
  2. Joseph and Feiss. Joseph and Feiss have one of the best wide leg dress pants for men. They are very comfortable, durable, easy to care for, long lasting micro poly-rayon blend, and hang well on all body types.
  3. Pronto. The third best wide leg dress pants for men are Pronto. Pronto has this wonderful sport sand microfiber wide leg pant. Pronto pants are pleated, microfiber, incredibly strong, machine washable, and most importantly wrinkly and stain resistant. Great for a weekend to dress up with a blazer or dress down with a polo.
  4. Men’s USA. Men’s USA is the best wide leg dress pants for men. Men’s USA has a wide selection and colors to choose from. They are single deep pleated 22” wide leg. Made of wool, flap right side back pocket, and wide waist band and belt loops.
  5. Calvin Klein. Last but not least Calvin Klein makes a great best wide leg dress pants for men. These pants have a flat-front, 100% linen and great for those looking for the warm weather option. Calvin Klein is always a classic and these slacks make for a stylish wear, and are great for the office look or a weekend getaway.   

Happy shopping for those of you in need of wide leg dress pants.

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