5 Best Wide Shoes For Men

Are you having a tough time finding wide footwear and could benefit from knowing what the 5 best wide shoes for men are? A man is considered to have wide feet if he requires a "C" width shoe or wider. The average shoe store keeps a stock of mostly "B" width shoes. Even if a shoe store stocks a wider shoe, their selection is usually boring and very limited. Look no further than the list below for a variety of wide shoes for men.

  1. Clarks of England. You don't buy Clarks shoes, you invest in them. With a little care, Clarks shoes will last decades. Clarks shoes come in a variety of widths, colors and styles, from sport shoes to dress shoes. Clarks shoes are very comfortable and durable; they are a popular shoe for people who walk for a living. You can buy Clarks shoes for eighty dollars to two hundred dollars.
  2. Johnston & Murphy. They offer a great looking dress shoe named Melton in wide sizes. This shoe is highly rated for comfort, and they have cushioned gel insoles with leather inside and out. This shoe costs one hundred and sixty five dollars.
  3. Allen-Edmonds: The Lombard. This is a classic lace-up Oxford dress shoe that will remind you of wing-tipped shoes. It is leather inside and out. This wide shoe has a padded footbed for comfort and extra support. The Lombard costs two hundred and eighty five dollars.
  4. Allen-Edmonds: The Walden. This classic penny loafer shoe is hand sewn. Its leather lining will mold to the contours of your foot for a glove-like tailored fit. This wide shoe costs two hundred and twenty five dollars.
  5. Rockport: The Margin. This durable dress shoe is strong yet flexible, which adds to its comfort. It has a leather lined collar and a padded tongue. This shoe was designed to be worn all day. This Rockport wide shoe costs ninety four dollars.
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