5 Best Wide Soccer Shoes

Are you looking for the 5 best wide soccer shoes? It can be very difficult to find a pair of soccer shoes when you have wide feet. Finding a pair that is both comfortable and good quality can take a lot of time and research with some sore feet in the process. To help make the process shorter and easier, here are the five best wide soccer shoes.

  1. Kelme Moleon TRX The Kelme line has two soccer shoes that are really good for wide feet. The best thing about these is that they are wide around the middle, but they don't throw the rest of the shoe out of proportion. When trying the Kelme shoe, you can get the size you would normally wear.
  2. Nike T90 Laser The Total 90 Laser soccer shoe is built for both power and accuracy. Nike has also repositioned the laces so the surface has a better strike area. This is one of the few Nike lines that is good for wider feet.
  3. Nike T90 Strike The Nike Total 90 Strike shoe is the other line of Nike that is good for wide feet. Made out of a synthetic leather, it is lightweight, and the heel is also molded for more comfort.
  4. Puma v1.10 The Puma v1.10 soccer series is also a good shoe for wide feet. They are made out of the kangaroo leather which molds to your foot as you wear it. It is also very lightweight so it helps with speed. The v1.10 is also designed for good stability and traction.
  5. Diadora LX The Diadora LX-K shoe is made with kangaroo leather so it will mold to your foot as you use it. The insole is made from nylon and shock absorbing foam for extra comfort.
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