5 Best Of Will Ferrell Saturday Night Live Skits

If you are a fan of sketch comedy and love a good laugh from "Saturday Night Live", here are the 5 Best Will Ferrell Saturday Night Live skits that, if you haven't already memorized, you should take a look at.  While, "Live from New York", has been said by many great comic actors, there are few that have had the comic range that Will Ferrell has.  There are 27 characters and 67 impressions Will Ferrell has performed in his years and guest appearances on "SNL", but here are a few that stand out above the funny rest.

  1. "Cowbells".  The concept might have seen simple but the result was epic hilarious.  The "Behind the Music" sketch, which is better know as "the Cowbells sketch", aired on April 8, 2000, and became a classic which was watched over and over online.  To quote Christopher Walken: "We need more cowbells.", the audience can't get enough!
  2. "George Bush". Of the many impressions he has done, Will Ferrell pulled off his impression of George Bush with stellar results.  Will portrayed the president many times, yet the first debate with "Al Gore" (played by Darrell Hammond), which aired on October 7, 2000, marked a turning point in the presidential election. The skit found air time on many Sunday morning news shows.  Ferrell captured Bush's simple nature and inability to say some words, which Will Ferrell brilliantly exemplified in his attempt to say "Strategy by saying, "Strategery."
  3. "Celebrity Jeopardy".  Most SNL actors excelled at being the funny guy or the straight guy, where Will excelled at both.  In the "Jeopardy" sketches, Will played the straight guy while the celebrities and other cast members, most notably Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery ,acted as the trouble makers.  The best of these funny "Jeopardy" sketches was when Tom Hanks made fun of himself, a skit which aired on May 16, 2009. 
  4. "Janet Reno's Dance Party".  Here we have an outrageous sketch where just the title alone makes you laugh.  Will does not disappoint in this one.  Just seeing  Ferrell in drag will bend you over double.  There were four "Janet Reno's Dance Party" skits, but the first and most shocking aired on January 11, 1997.
  5. "Harry Carey".  The "Harry Carey" interviews had viewers waiting for the next absurdity to be delivered with that trademark, "Hey."  The Jeff Goldblum interview which aired on October 4, 1997 and was included in the first volume of the dvd compilation "SNL The Best of Will Ferrell" is considered to be the best "Harry Carey" interview by many.
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